Yes, I am Mom Enough!

Unless you have not been on the internet or watched TV today then you have no doubt by now heard about the latest Time magazine cover. It features a mom breastfeeding her almost 4 year old son.

Image courtsey of Time

Now I have zero problem with the cover. Sure, this mom doesn’t run around while her child chases her down, with his trusty chair in tow. It was meant to cause a reaction. It didn’t get one out of me. At least not for the same reason so many have an problem with it.

I understand that there is nothing weird about breastfeeding. There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding your children until they decide they are finished.

There is nothing wrong with co-sleeping. If it works for you and your child is happy, then go for it. I don’t care if your child is 8 and still in bed with you.

It is not about attachment parenting as a whole. Say what you will, I do think that responding to your baby and making sure they are happy and healthy is all that matters.

My problem is the title. ‘Are You Mom Enough?

Anyone who has a child knows that beside giving birth to another human, you also give birth to a horrible monster called mommy guilt.

It is this monster that makes you feel like the worse mother in the world when you say you need a couple of hours away from the children.

It is this monster that makes you question every single word that comes out of your mouth.

It is the monster that makes you wonder over and over if every choice you have made is the right choice.

It is this monster that allows you to beat yourself up when at the age of 2 your child gets tubes in his ears and then suddenly starts talking in sentences because up until that point he couldn’t hear properly. And you never knew!

My children have both slept in cribs in their own room since day one. They were both breastfed and then moved to formula exclusively before they turned one year old. And they are just fine!

So yes Time magazine, I am mom enough. And shame on you for trying to add to the mommy guilt and make anyone question if they are doing a good enough job.

For anyone wondering what attachment parenting is. There are 8 principles of Attachment Parenting as defined by API (attachment parenting international) and Dr. Sears:

Preparation for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting
Feed with Love and Respect
Respond with Sensitivity
Use Nurturing Touch
Ensure Safe Sleep, Physically and Emotionally
Provide Consistent Loving Care
Practice Positive Discipline
Strive for Balance in Personal and Family Life

Of course each of those is open to personal interpretation. You will see nowhere on the list does it say that you have to breastfeed. You won’t see it listed that you have to co-sleep. It is simply about loving, caring, touching, and providing for your child and yourself in everything you do.

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