Zigo Mango, all in one stroller. Brilliant!

When Genghis was a baby, I foolishly thought that you really needed a million different baby items in order to raise a child. We had the tub, the car seats, the stroller, the carrier, the bike trailer, the jogging stroller, and the list just went on and on. Leaving the house was an ordeal that required 4 days of planning plus a checklist over a mile long.

Somewhere along the way you realize you don’t need all of those things. The kitchen sink works just as well for baths as the little baby tubs. But some items really do make life so much easier. The problem you then run into is one of space. Baby items take up a lot of room. We have the same high chair that we used for Genghis. I love that high chair. It is still cute, very functional, gets lots of use and unfortunately takes up a huge section of my kitchen.

What if you could get some of your must have baby items in one? Sign me up!

Zigo Mango has heard this and answered with their X2 Complete Stroller, Jogger, Trailer.
Zigo Mango knows that just because you were active before you had children, you don’t want to give that up. You just have to find creative ways to include them.

Zigo Mango developed a Kids Bike Trailer that easily connects to your bike. This allows parents who love to cycle to still enjoy their hobby while not only including their children, but making sure they are safe.

What makes this bike trailer so special is it not only easily works with your bike, but it also becomes a regular stroller and even a jogging stroller. Everything you need to transform the Zigo Mango is included, caster wheels, a jogging arm, and a bike trailer kit. And what I love is that it seats one or two kids with an extra harness.

The Zigo Mango is a high quality stroller made by Zigo, the maker of the super cool Zigo Leader Carrier Bike. Besides being completely functional, it also looks great. And it folds up compactly so you can take it anywhere with you.

Even if you never use it as a bicycle trailer for kids or a jogging stroller, Zigo Mango makes an awesome stroller all on its own. Check out these great safety features it boasts:

-padded seats
-5 point safety harness
-reflective striping
-4 point shock absorbers
-Multi-position adjustable pushbar
-Dual drum brakes
-Optional Deluxe Environmental Control System (mesh screen and wind/rain guard)

Are you sold yet? I know I am. If you want one of the best strollers ever made plus have it fit into your active lifestyle without adding more products, be sure to check out Zigo Mango. Visit their site for more information, products and color options.

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