4 Signs Your Child May Be Struggling In School

With school getting ready to start back up in about a month, I have a guest post on ways to tell if your child may be struggling in school.

All parents want their children to do well in school and are willing to do what it takes, once they know the problem exists. It’s the last part of that that sentence that’s so tricky. This is because most often children who are struggling in school won’t tell you. The reasons for this vary.

They include everything from being ashamed to thinking it’s more grown-up to handle it on their own. They may even feel that, if they ignore the problem, it will go away. As adults, we realize that these problems won’t resolve on their own without our help. So how does a parent know their child is struggling if the child (or the teacher) doesn’t tell them? There are many clues.

Refuses to Discuss School


If your child always changes the subject when you mention school, then they’re usually hiding something. Often, these children also hide letters from the teachers or report cards or tests that need to be signed as well. If your child suddenly seems eager to talk about anything other than school, and won’t talk to you about class assignments, then you can be sure that something is going is on.

Avoids Homework

No child likes doing homework. However, most children understand that it needs to be finished before they can have fun. If your child continually puts off homework until very late at night, then there’s a reason. Usually, the reason is because they find the homework too hard. They hope that if they delay long enough they won’t have to do it. Most children would rather be known as ‘lazy’ by their classmates and teacher than ‘not smart.’ This is particularly true if your child was always good about doing homework prior.

To ensure they get the help they need, you should schedule a tutoring session at the earliest signs of any kind homework avoidance. Even if your child is doing great in school, a tutoring session will enable them achieve high grades in less time. That will leave them more time later for fun. It’s a win-win for both the parents and the child.

Acts Depressed


As adults, everyone would like to believe that childhood is all fun and games. However, children do get depressed. Most often, their depression stems from something that has happened at school. Doing poorly in class, not getting grades equal to those of their friends, and working hard for little results can often cause depression in children.

Causes Trouble In Class

There used to be a stereotype that the class clown or class trouble maker wasn’t smart. Though we know today that this isn’t true, there’s a good reason this harmful stereotype emerged. Some children use aggressiveness or humor to mask their frustration in school.

In other words, it’s easier for them to ‘act up’ when they don’t know the answer than to admit they don’t know it. It’s a distraction technique. if your child’s behavior seems out of control lately, then there’s a good chance they’re trying to distract you from the fact that they are struggling.

You already know how important it is that your children do well in school. Pay attention to these signs, and you’ll be able to more quickly find a way to help them.

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