Butt Prints with Miss Stalin

Master bath

Our master bathroom has sliding glass doors on it. Nothing fancy or special about them.

But today I took Miss Stalin into the shower with me. Both to save time and because yesterday while in the tub, in the span of 1 minute that I was out of the room she decided to use the bath water to clean the floor.

Cleaning the Bathroom

That was fun to clean up.

So today, we are in the shower and she realized that the glass doors fog up with steam. She was having lots of fun pressing her hands onto the doors and looking at her hand prints.

“Mommy, look my hands. You try.”

I had to press my hands onto the door for her.

“Now I do my butt!”

And she turned around and pressed her little butt against the glass shower doors.

I laughed so hard I cried.

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