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Can Smelling Help You Lose Weight? Whiffits May Help — Yellow Tennessee

Can Smelling Help You Lose Weight? Whiffits May Help


Anyone who has ever dieted knows that one of the hardest parts is the different cravings for food that you can’t have. It could be something deep fried and fatty and you would not normally eat it. But the second you put it on a ‘no’ list it is the one thing you want more than anything else. And it becomes the only thing you can think about.

Imagine if there was a way to satisfy your cravings without any calories. This is where Whiffits comes in. Whiffits is a unique non-invasive diet enhancer that comes in the form of scented wands. Each wand contains one of three specifically designed scents. Just a few sniffs throughout the day releases a unique combination of aroma molecules that trick your brain into thinking you’ve eaten, thus creating an appetite suppressant.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

So does it really work?

The effectiveness of Whiffits has been proven through clinical studies, showing a significant decrease in cravings which can lead to weight loss. The official BioTem Clinical Report confirms the effectiveness of the revolutionary new diet wand with average weight loss of 19 pounds per participant over the course of the study. The study subjects reported an impressive 50% decrease in food cravings within 5 minutes of inhaling the special diet wand aromas. Basically the inhalation of positive pleasant smelling scents has been shown to have beneficial effects on appetite and hunger regulation.

It is like diet aromatherapy. It is so easy to use, five minutes before eating you take 3 gentle sniffs of one of the markers in each nostril. You are then tricking your brain into thinking that you have eaten therefore you eat less.

While Whiffits may sound too good to be true they are backed by certified aroma therapist and licensed aesthetician Stephanie Ollikainen. And of course there are the above mentioned clinical studies that prove that Whiffits scientifically assists in weight-loss results.

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