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Cardstore Celebrates Father’s Day with the Pin It for Papa Contest #PinitforPapa — Yellow Tennessee

Cardstore Celebrates Father’s Day with the Pin It for Papa Contest #PinitforPapa

In case you did realize this; it is possible to create a one of a kind, unique, personalized Father’s Day card, have it addressed, stamped, and mailed all from your computer. Sound too good to be true?

Cardstore Father's Day card

Cardstore is your one stop for all your Father’s Day card needs. They have over 300 different cards just for Father’s Day. So no matter your style, or your Dad’s style, you are sure to find something that you both love.

But this year is a little different. Besides offering the great selection of cards, Cardstore is also featuring a Pinterest contest to celebrate all the ways that our dad’s have been there for us. Maybe you have fond memories of your dad teaching you how to drive. Maybe it was the advice he gave. No matter what reminds you of your Dad you can enter to win $50 each week of the contest and a $300 grand prize.


I have mixed feelings on Father’s Day this year. My dad passed away very suddenly just over 2 months ago and the hurt is still very real and fresh. I am not looking forward to my first Father’s Day without him. But I was excited about this contest because while I think of the memories and smile while crying, I also wanted a chance to honor my Dad. Even if he will never read this he was such a huge part of who I am today that he deserves it.

I cannot think of or see the ocean without thinking of my dad. He was raised in California and loved the water. When I was junior high age we moved to South Africa and lived right on the coast. Every spare moment was spent at the beach. He taught us how to swim in the ocean, how to surf and how to boogie board. I think he may have been part fish.


That and he was always silly. So many people said that when they first met him he was very intense and even intimidating. I never saw it but once they got to know him, the real him shone through. He loved to laugh and make everyone around him laugh. He would tell jokes and laugh so hard that my mom actually had to tell us the punchline.

And the one thing that reminds me most of my Dad is my Bible. Actually, all 4 of them. He gave them to me. Each one at a different time for different reasons. And more than anything else my dad loved God with all his heart. He lived his life to tell others about Him. It still to this day is the most inspiring thing that motivates me.


Entering the contest is easy. Just follow Cardstore on Pinterest and then go to the Pin It For Papa board. Pick the picture that most reminds you of your dad and repin it. Just like that, you are entered to win. You can re-pin as many of the images as you like for a better chance of winning.

What memory reminds you most of your Dad?


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