Celebrate Easter with Hershey’s Bunny Trail

Around here Easter is all about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. But at the same time we also like to take part in other traditions.

Easter Baskets!

There was nothing better as a kid than waking up to a huge basket full of all those goodies. Even as a little girl, I was most thrilled with the chocolate. And I love that I am able to give my kids the same great treats so they can Celebrate with Hershey’s.

This year Hershey’s is helping make Easter a little more creative by inviting you to Hop Down the Bunny Trail. The Bunny Trail is full of ideas for creating and decorating baskets. And trust me, they have some adorable ideas.

But it also goes further and includes fun craft ideas, coloring pages, egg hunt ideas and even scrapbook paper.

And just in case you were not impressed yet, it also features a ton of recipes to help make your holiday unique.


How about some Coconut Marshmallow Nests. Besides sounding amazing, I love the bright spring colors.

To help get me ready for Easter, Hershey’s sent me some of their great products to try out. York Peppermint Pattie Eggs, Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans, and Sour Bunnies, and this adorable Snaspy chocolate bunny.


I love that he breaks apart so easily. It is perfect for forcing the kids to share or even making sure that they don’t eat the entire thing in one sitting. And being Hershey’s chocolate I know it is going to taste good!

If I am being honest I am also excited about the jelly beans. I love Jolly Ranchers and I can just picture how great these jelly beans are going to be. I may have to buy some extra bags so I can keep this one all to myself!

We are doing things a little different this year as I am out of town over Easter. We are going to celebrate a week late. Our egg dying, hunting, and candy feasting is still going to happen, it is just going to be a little later than everyone else. And I am so excited to share all these Hershey treats and craft ideas from The Bunny Trail with my children.


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