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Cinderella Could Have Had it Easier…. — Yellow Tennessee

Cinderella Could Have Had it Easier….


We all know the story. Cinderella was adopted into a new family with a step mother and step sisters. Her father, a widower, I am sure was looking for companionship and found it with this woman. However he seemed to ignore his new wife’s disdain for his daughter.

Then he died.

And Cinderella was left to live with her step mother who really hated her. She was forced into a life of servitude, spending her days trying to fulfill every wish of her step family. A job that never ended and she was never thanked or rewarded for.

Thankfully this story has a happy ending and Cinderella met her prince and was rescued from the life she was living and instead moved on to the castle.

Imagine how different Cinderella’s life had been if her father had had life insurance. The simple act of setting her up as the beneficiary would have meant that Cinderella would have never had to deal with a cruel stepmother.

Sure life is not a fairy tale and the likelihood that your children end up with a wicked step mother, forced into a life of a slave is slim to none. But why take the chance that your family may have to worry at all if something were to happen to you?

Some future planning can be the difference between a life of servitude and the life of a princess when it comes to those you leave behind.


Buying life insurance can be a big undertaking and there is not always a perfect time to do it. But everyone agrees that it is something that should be done.

You can read up on life insurance with GIO. Starting the research, asking any questions you have, and finding both the coverage and the premiums that fit your life is a great way to get started in the life insurance journey.


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