Conceal or Open Carry? Gun Talk.

What is your favorite carry position, conceal or open? From Allee.

If I had my choice I would open carry all of the time. It is just easier. However, it is not always an option for everyone. Some states don’t allow open carry so for many it is not an option.

For me personally, even though open carry is easier and my preference, I always carry concealed. There are a couple of reasons for this. First you want to think of the general public around you. Even though the gun debate has been front and center for awhile now, not everyone follows this. Many people are simply ignorant of the laws in their state and it may cause panic and/or overreaction seeing someone carrying a gun in the open.

Open Carry

Open carry can also make it more difficult for law enforcement to determine who may be legally carrying and who may be carrying illegally. The efforts of law enforcement to verify legal open carry may result in confrontations with weapon permit holders who resent being treated and questioned like a common criminal. Basically, it is just not worth the possible questioning and detainment from law enforcement to open carry.

Of course the other side of the coin can be argued for open carry that most people don’t even notice and if nothing else it serves as an advertisement of sorts to criminals that you are armed and they may want to rethink attacking you. At the end of the day it really comes down to what you are more comfortable with.

There is also nothing that says you can’t do both. When I am at home, in my house or yard, I don’t worry about concealment. When I am out in public, concealment is a priority.

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