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Could You Go Vegetarian? — Yellow Tennessee

Could You Go Vegetarian?

I am always doing little things to make sure my family eats healthier. We do a lot of fresh fruits all year long. Vegetables that are in season are a great addition to any meal. And I make most things from scratch, avoiding boxed meals that are filled with all kinds of things I can’t even pronounce.

But the one area I cannot cut down on is meat. We are a family of carnivores. Genghis at only 7 years old will tell you that his favorite meal is a big steak, cooked rare. What can I say, the kid has good taste.

So when I was asked to write about Quorn’s low fat vegetarian recipes, I kept thinking how am I going to work this in. Then it hit me. A vegetarian versus meat eater meal. Kind of a battle royale if you will.


White Bean Soup Via Vegetarian Times./


Slow Cooker Chili 2

My slow cooker chili with hamburger, beans, cheese, onions and tomatoes.

Via Allrecipes

Stuffed Peppers Via Allrecipes



An incredibly moist and tender filet.

I can think of one dish I make that contains no meat. But it is pasta, 4 cheeses, and heavy cream. A far cry from low fat.

However, I am thinking that many vegetarian dishes could be great as sides. Spaghetti squash, lentils, and even simple pasta with a little shredded cheese.

I just don’t see me getting us away from meat.

Maybe I will get brave and try one of those meat substitutes and not tell anyone that there isn’t really any meat in the dish. Maybe no one will notice.

I will have a frozen pizza on standby just in case.

Have you gone vegetarian? Was it a hard switch?

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