Cows Gone Wild

Saturday night I had gotten both kids to bed and hubby and I sat down to watch a movie. It was about 9:30 or so and my husband jumped up saying there were a bunch of legs that went running past the front window and he thought cows or a bunch of dogs were in the yard.

I got up and started out the window not seeing anything.

He grabbed a flashlight and went out on the porch and asked me to find a number for animal control.

I never did find a number but I kept wondering what I would tell them. My husband saw some animals run past the window but no one else can see them.

About this time he started doubting his sanity. And rightfully so.

Our property is entirely fenced in with the exception of the driveway. And the front acreage and back acreage are not only fenced in but also separate from the main yard that the house sits on. Basically if you want to get into the front or back field, you have to come up the driveway, right by the house and go through one of the gates.

Drive way and the front field.

Driveway and the front field.

The back field is gated and always closed. The front field has an opening but no actual gate. But you still have to come up the driveway and through the front yard to get into it.

All of sudden from the back come about 10 to 12 cows running into the front field.

We noticed something. A small herd of cows is surprisingly quiet when they are running. It wasn’t until they got to the very front on the field and starting mooing that we actually heard them.

See the glowing eyes?  Those are cows!

See the glowing eyes? Those are cows!

I jumped in the car and ran up the road to the neighbors to let them know their cows were in our yard. They came over and managed to herd them up the field, and back down the driveway.


The cows somewhat follow light so I couldn’t use the flash on the camera. But I am happy to say that other than questioning my husbands sanity, and a broken part of the dogs invisible fence, the cows are back home and all is well.

Saturday night in the country is exciting!

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