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Diamond Candles Review and #Giveaway — Yellow Tennessee

Diamond Candles Review and #Giveaway

logoEvery so often I get an offer to review something that I think is a pretty fun product. Diamond Candles is one of those products. First you start off with an all natural, soy based candle. Then you add a ring in the candle. You have to burn the candle to discover the ring. The ring can be valued at anywhere from $10 to $5,000. But there is even more to love about Diamond Candles.

Diamond Candles is made in the USA and they use all natural soy products in each of their candles. But how they got their start is a heartwarming story.

David met Brenda for the first time in November of 1978 when they were both still in high school. He knew the first time that he laid eyes on her that she was going to be his wife one day. Several years later at a picnic in his parents’ back yard, David got down on one knee and proposed to Brenda just two years after their first date. She said yes! Throughout the next year, David worked long hours in construction and had been saving up every penny to buy something nice for his wife for their anniversary. He went to the local jewelry store and bought her a beautiful diamond ring. Unfortunately he couldn’t find a box to put it in so he grabbed a candle, knowing Brenda loved them. As he was walking out of the store – ring in one hand, candle in the other – the idea of Diamond Candles was born.

Then this little beauty showed up in the mail. Isn’t it pretty?


I ended up selecting the Lavender Lemon candle and it smelled so good! It was light and filled the house with a wonderful scent of lemons with just a hint of lavender. But if Lavender Lemon is not your cup of tea, don’t worry. Diamond Candles come in a wide variety of scents, everything from Cotton Candy to Cozy Cabin or even Fresh Snow. They even have a Candy Corn one just in time for Halloween. Each 21 oz candle is $24.95 and comes in a decorative glass jar with lid. And of course each candle includes a ring.


The only way to find your ring is to burn your candle. I was told it would take about 10 hours to get to the ring. Of course you can help it along with a spoon or something else to dig in the candle with. I chose to go the patient way and actually wait until I could see the little bag the ring was in before I got the ring out.

I found this inside.


It is pretty and simple and classy. Just how I like my jewelry. It does have the “GR CHINA” stamp on it which means that it is not real and probably worth about $10 but I still like it.

It is recommended that if you find a 24K stamp inside the ring to take it to a jeweler to have it appraised. In that case it is probably worth something.


Want to win your own candle from Diamond Candles? Use this simple Rafflecopter form to enter! The giveaway ends in 2 weeks.

Rafflecopter giveaway

And be sure to follow Diamond Candles on Facebook so you can keep up with new candles as well as see what others find in their rings.


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