eMeals Takes the Stress out of Meal Planning

If your weekly tasks are anything like mine, one thing that has to be done every week is meal planning and then grocery shopping based on said meal plan. And if you are really like me this is one area that causes a lot of stress. Coming up with a good rotation of meals while still keeping 4 different people with 4 different tastes happy, is the most stressful things in my week. That is saying something. I home school. A 7 year old. And meal planning is more stressful than that.

Please tell me I am not alone.

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Then I was contacted by eMeals and the idea was so very brilliant and actually quite simple that I started to look forward to meal planning.

What is eMeals?

eMeals is is an all inclusive meal planning resource that helps provide healthy and delicious dinners for busy families and individuals. Endorsed by financial guru Dave Ramsey, the eMeals weekly dinner plans include grocery shopping lists and recipe instructions that are simple and easy to follow.

Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

I have been using eMeals for a couple of weeks now and it is all true. Every week I get a 7 day meal plan for classic family dinners delivered right to my inbox. Each meal plan comes with recipes, ingredients needed, and a shopping list based on the grocery store of my choosing.

eMeals how it works

Grocery Stores Included:

eMeals really takes all the work out of making a shopping list. eMeals features shopping lists from

  • ALDI
  • Kroger
  • Publix
  • Ralphs
  • Safeway
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Whole Foods
  • Any Other Store

So no matter what store you frequent, you can use eMeals and trust that you are getting a meal plan that uses the best sales that week.

For example, the classic family plans usually average approximately $85-$90/week in grocery costs. This will depend a bit on what region of the country you’re in as prices vary. Also, if you’re in need of several staple items, this will add to the cost until you get your pantry pretty well stocked. But $85 to $90 a week is awesome.

What type of meals are offered?

eMeals understands that not every family eats the same way. We have different tastes, likes, and even restrictions. With that in mind, eMeals offers Classic Meals, Clean Eating, Paleo, Mediterranean, Slow Cooker, Low Carb, Low Fat, Portion Control, Natural & Organic, Simple Gourmet, Gluten Free, and Vegetarian.

eMeals Meal options

They even offer a lunch and breakfast option if you really want to give up all meal planning and grocery list making.

But the best part? At anytime you can change your meal plan. Feel free to switch from classic to slow cooker. Getting bored, switch to Mediterranean to spice up your dinners.

eMeals is also adding to their meal plans and even creating new ones all the time. Their newest meal plan is the the Mediterranean plan. This new Mediterranean meal plan showcases heart-healthy eating with recipes based
on Italian, Greek and Spanish ingredients like olive oil, fresh vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and plenty of fish.

What is a meal plan like?

I’m glad you asked. For one, it includes a lot of variety. Right now we are trying out the classic meal plan and I love that in a given week we have everything from pork with apples, to fish tacos and even pizza. Take a look at a sample meal in the classic meal plan.

eMeals sample meal

What is the shopping list like?

Again, super easy to follow and well organized. Plus it has a list of staples used for each meal in the side so you can keep tract of what is needed and buy as necessary.

Take a look at a sample grocery list.

eMeals sample grocery list

Bottom Line, How Much?

eMeals is actually very affordable. You can try it for 3 months, 6 months or even one year.

3 months is just $21 ($7 a month).
6 months is just $35 ($6 a month).
12 months is the best value at $58 (just $5 a month).

You can add 5 lunch meals for just $4 a month. All lunches are easily packed and serve up to 4 people. And you can also add 5 healthy breakfasts for up to 4 people for only $3 a month.

Basically for just $5 a month, I get an email every week with new meal plan ideas, a grocery list, and recipes.


Do you find meal planning stressful? Have you ever tried eMeals?

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