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Fight Dry Skin with Carmex - Yellow Tennessee

Fight Dry Skin with Carmex

We all know Carmex is the leading name is fighting cold sores and helping keep your lips soft. But did you know Carmex is also great for dry skin anywhere on your body?

As we are heading into spring, you may have noticed that winter did a number on your skin. Now is the time to moisturize and get it ready for sandals, shorts, and tank tops! When it comes to taking care of my skin I love Carmex skin care products.


The Carmex Hydrating Lotion has rich healing ingredients, including Aloe and Vitamin E to moisturize your skin. The lotion goes on smooth and leaves your skin feeling soft, not greasy. For those really dry areas, try the Carmex Healing Cream. The Healing Cream is more concentrated than the lotion, so you can use less and penetrates better for rougher, dryer areas.

I haven’t noticed any difference in how they go on but I love the Healing Cream for my feet. My husband says they both have the “Carmex” smell to them but to be honest I never noticed. They have a light powder scent.


Using a patent pending process and rich healing ingredients. Carmex Healing Cream helps heal, moisturize and repair dry, rough skin without leaving a greasy feel. Featuring a cream that is a thicker and more concentrated to penetrate deeper into the skin to repair extremely dry, cracked skin, and strong enough to hydrate even the roughest skin, like elbows, feet and knees.

The Carmex Hydrating Lotion is formulated with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. It moisturizes skin with a non-greasy feel that’s soothing and long-lasting. Perfect for deep hydration that soaks in fast.

Have you tried the Carmex Hydrating Lotion or Healing Cream?


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