Living with a 6 year old boy can be a lot of fun at times. Especially when he comes up with somethings that just make me laugh.

These are just a few of my favorite things that Genghis has said.

“Mommy, wouldn’t it be cool if all cars had sunroofs and guns on them so you could shoot birds, animals, and trees while you were driving down the road?”


He is his father’s son!

While eating Rice Krispies Cereal…
“Mommy, what is my cereal saying?”
I don’t know what is it saying?
“I don’t know either, I don’t speak cereal!”

“Mommy, you shouldn’t call me little man anymore. You should just call me man. I am 6 years old after all.”

“Mommy, I wish you could sleep with me tonight but Daddy would cry like a big baby if you didn’t sleep with him.”

“Out of all the girls I have met I like you the most. So I will just live with you forever.”
Got to love that one!

“I need a whistle so I can get good at blowing.”

After seeing a commercial for the Gyro Bowl.
Genghis: ‘Mommy you should get one of those for Miss Stalin.’
Me: ‘I think I will save our money. You didn’t have one and you turned out just fine.’
Genghis: ‘If she doesn’t turn out fine it is your fault. You can get two for only $14.99.’

“Someday you will be the best mommy in the whole wide world. But right now you are just the prettiest.”

What are some funny things your kids say?

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