Go Around The World with Wall Pops. #Review

wall-pops-logoJust because we home school, it doesn’t mean that we are not able to do a lot of the fun things that many kids in traditional school do. For us that means everything from field trips, fun art projects, and some interactive learning. Currently in Geography we are studying the states and are now focusing on the New England states. Sure, I can pull up maps galore on the computer. We can look up different states in books. And we can talk about things that make each state unique. But there is nothing like looking at a big map of the US to really see where things are located and just how big different states are compared to others.

When I first received an email from Wall Pops I was already familiar with decals and stickers that you can use for decoration. I just never thought of looking for a map. A month ago Genghis got his very own desk and chair to use in his room and I just knew the wall above it would be the perfect spot for his map.

US dry erase map

One thing I love about this map is that it features the peel and stick design. Meaning we just peel it off the backing and stick it to the wall. I can also easily move it around and re-stick it anywhere I want. The idea that it is not permanent to one spot and will not damage the wall is a huge bonus!

Besides being a great learning tool this map is also dry erase and comes with its very own marker and eraser. This means we can mark states, draw routes for travel and mark landmarks. And everything is easily erased when we need it to be. Being able to let Genghis go a little crazy and decide how he wanted to mark different states was part of the fun. And I didn’t stress knowing that nothing he did was there forever.


This map is a full 2 feet wide and 3 feet high, making it a great size to be able to look up different places. Even our small town we live in is one the map. A fact that made Genghis very happy.

Even if you are not looking for a map, Wall Pops features tons of wall art ideas. Everything from accent pieces such as flower stickers, trees, damask, and beautiful key decals to full room kits featuring jungles, nursery rhymes and even a magical tree house.

No matter what you are looking to create, Wall Pops has something to help turn your room into something to really talk about.


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