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Good Carry Gun? Gun Talk — Yellow Tennessee

Good Carry Gun? Gun Talk

What is your preferred gun for carry? From Allee

I have said it before and I will say it again, for handguns I love nothing more than a sweet 1911. But when it came to actually carrying a gun, a 1911 was just too big and bulky.

I am not tiny, I am curvy, with hips. I am also short. So I wanted something I could carry easily, think light. That would also conceal well, think small. But when going with a smaller gun I didn’t want something I couldn’t shoot easily (no double action triggers here) and I still wanted a more powerful caliber.


All of that to say I went with a compact version of a handgun I had owned in the past. But to be honest, I cannot say the gun alone is what I like most about carrying it.

I am more loving the way I carry it. After lots of asking around, reading reviews and doing some research I ended up going with a Belly Band Holster.

Besides being a smaller gun and therefore easier to conceal, the holster gives me the option of of changing where I wear it. I can use it under my breasts, on my hips or around my waist. It is comfortable to wear and doesn’t move and shift around.

I wanted something that I could conceal without changing my wardrobe. I didn’t want to have to shop for baggy over shirts or looser fitting jeans. I can wear this with skirts, tank tops, shorts, jeans. Basically anything in my closet.

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