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Graeter’s Ice Cream Introduces a New Flavor #Review — Yellow Tennessee

Graeter’s Ice Cream Introduces a New Flavor #Review

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I admit that I love ice cream. It is one of my favorite treats no matter what time of year it is. So when I was contacted to try the newest flavor from Graeter’s Ice Cream, I jumped at the chance.

Graeter’s is different from regular ice cream in that it is only made 2 gallons at a time and then hand packed into pints. Just check out how it is made.

Our secret recipe of fresh cream and egg custard is gently swirled along the chilled sides of a slowly spinning French Pot Freezer. As the creamy blend thickens, a blade softly scrapes the sides of the pot, folding the ice cream into itself. Then we add the fresh ingredients to complete our unique flavors.

The gentle folding process prevents air from whipping into our ice cream and accounts for the extremely dense and creamy consistency. Where a typical pint of ice cream can weigh as little as 8 ounces, a Graeter’s pint weighs nearly a full pound

Graeter’s is also know for the unique chocolate in their chocolate chip flavors. They prepare their very own signature chocolate liquid that is poured into the ice cream just before it is finished. The blade then breaks up the chocolate into different sized pieces.

Graeter’s has just released its newest flavor in 3 years, Black Cherry Chocolate Chip. It features all-natural black cherry ice cream made with heavy cream, pure cane sugar and loaded with fresh black cherries and Graeter’s signature dark chocolate chunks. It is heaven in a pint!

This new flavor is available online now and in stores this spring. And let me tell you. It is incredible.

Graeters Ice Cream

What Graeter’s refers to as chocolate chips are actually chocolate chunks. Some of the pieces are huge. And the chocolate is divine. It is melt in the mouth, so amazing! The ice cream itself is smooth and creamy. Just a few bites and I knew I had my favorite ice cream.

Graeter’s is sold in limited stores but is available online to be shipped anywhere. Check out www.Graeters.com for more information.


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