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Gun Talk: What is required to buy a gun? — Yellow Tennessee

Gun Talk: What is required to buy a gun?

This question comes from J.M. and she asks:

In an effort to get educated. What would the steps be to be able to buy this gun?

Sig Sauer

Great question and I love the fact that she is asking just to become more educated.

Let’s start out with the fact that a lot of the steps involved in purchasing something like this vary from state to state so this is no way a definitive answer for anyone in the US.

For the most part if you wanted to purchase a gun like this you would find a store that carries it. This one in particular is sold at Walmart. You must be at least 18 years or older to purchase a rifle or long gun. Once you go into the store you will have to show a valid photo ID and fill out a federal ATF F 4473.

This form includes everything from your name, address, social security number, to the state you were born in, your height and weight. It includes questions such as ‘are you a fugitive from justice’ to ‘are you the actual buyer of the firearm listed on this form’.

Once the form is filled out and signed the employee either calls or uses the computer to enter the information on the form with the FBI NICS ( National Instant Criminal Background Check System ). One of four things happens then.

1. It is approved and you purchase the gun and then go home with it.

2. It is approved and you purchase the gun, wait the mandatory waiting period, then go back and pick up your gun. Five states have waiting periods for purchasing long guns. The wait ranges from 24 hours in Illinois to as many as 14 days in Connecticut and Hawaii.

3. Your application is delayed which means more looking into the background check is needed, and is something a computer can’t do. During this time your application my be approved or denied for one reason or another. If after 3 business days after your application was delayed it does not come back as denied or approved, you may purchase and take home your firearm.

4. Your application will be denied.

Again this is in no way a definitive list for buying a gun such as this but it is the basics. If you have specific questions for purchasing any firearm in your state a trip to a local gun store or an internet search can give you the answers you need.

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