How Do You Do Christmas?

My husband has always been the big fan of Christmas. It never fails every year we spend Christmas Eve wrapping presents for the kids when he decides that we just don’t have enough and calls an emergency trip to the store to get more.

We set a budget on what we can spend and then decide on what we will get them. The budget is never stuck to. Between his last minute runs he is also know for coming home with new gifts because he saw it and he just knew that the kids couldn’t live another day without it.

Don’t get me wrong, it is endearing. It is one of the things that I love about him. And I typically spend the entire month before Christmas giggling at how much of a child he turned into.


Now that we have moved and have a HUGE yard, his focus has shifted just a little onto outdoor decorations. Night after night is spent scouring the internet for ideas, deals, and the newest must have items. I recently came across and I was really impressed with the prices.

I shared it with my husband and he promptly called his friend that he now calls his Christmas light guru. They discussed the sight in length and both have agreed that not only are the prices great, but the selection is awesome. I foresee our credit card getting a lot of use in the next couple of days.

This newest endeavor reminds me of the movie Deck the Halls. If you have never seen it, basically it is dueling neighbors. One is a big fan of Christmas but he is all about traditions. The newest neighbor decides that he wants so many lights and decorations on his house that it can be seen from space. Of course you can only imagine the amount of lights on this home.


I’ve always joked that some houses look like Christmas threw up in the yard. And I am kind of scared that left his his own devices my home may become visible from space. If you are ever in Tennessee and want to stop by for a visit, just follow the glow. You won’t be able to miss it.

Do you decorate big for Christmas?

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