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I Do. Again — Yellow Tennessee

I Do. Again

Our church is currently doing a series on marriage. It has been helpful. Nothing really earth shattering but helpful reminders in how to deal with your spouse. If nothing else it has got us talking more about how we communicate. And I think most helpful is seeing how we fight. I tend to get angry first, raise my voice first, and then it just escalates from there. Seeing that has shown me a big area I need to work on.

At the end of the series they are doing a huge church wide wedding. We can renew our vows and some are even actually getting married for the first time. Complete with flowers and cake. Kind of a neat idea.

And even though my husband hasn’t actually asked me to marry him again, I am pretty sure that he isn’t going anywhere.

And now I want a new dress for the occasion. Nothing too fancy or over the top. I have my original wedding dress but to be honest, it would be a major affair to get into it. And I am not sure it still fits…

So I am browsing.

I love this. Not at all traditional but so cute.


I know exactly what I am looking for, I am just having a hard time finding one that would be here in time.

This minus the gloves would be just about perfect. I could even wear my Chucks with it.


Have you ever renewed your wedding vows?

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