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I Think I Am Having A Mid-Life Crisis — Yellow Tennessee

I Think I Am Having A Mid-Life Crisis

I am 38 years old. And as much as I try and deny it, I am middle aged. But lately, I think I may be having a mid-life crisis.


This was me a little over a year ago. Nothing really shocking there except maybe the nose ring. And for the most part it goes with very little comments. My hair was dyed, but it was very natural looking.

I do have tattoos but they are easily hidden and covered so I can look professional when needed.

Then I got a wild hair up my butt. Actually, truth be told it was all my husbands idea.

I wanted short hair. He wanted it long. So we compromised. I got it cut short and dyed it purple. He gave in on the short hair in exchange for purple hair.


I loved it. I have had it this way for over a year now. It is my most favoritest (that is totally a word) hair color ever!

Except then I started to wonder if I was getting too old for this. I mean I am almost 40 years old. I am a mom of 2, I home school, I am a conservative in my political views, and I am a Christian. Sure, I never had any flack from anyone at church or the home school co-op we belong to, but I was wondering if I shouldn’t look more the part.

So I dyed it brown.

And took out the nose ring.

And you know what? I am bored with how I look.

I want the funky colored hair back again. I was comfortable with it. I loved it. I had fun with it.

Except then I saw this and think we may have to switch it up from the purple.


I could pull this off. And the dark roots would not show any new growth because that is just about my natural hair color.

And now I am wondering if I am too old for this stuff as I sit here hating my brown hair.

See, it is a mid-life crisis.

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