If you are not part of the solution….

There are some topics that I am passionate about but I tend to stay away from on my blog. Mainly because I know that not everyone is as passionate about them as I am. But then I realized what is really the point of having a blog if I can’t talk about the things I really care about? So….

By now we have all heard that the verdict in the George Zimmerman case was announced last weekend. And we all have our own opinion on that verdict. I’m not here to give you mine. That is not what this is about.

But through the trial and the ‘aftermath’ since the verdict I have seen and read about some behavior that has me baffled, angry, and saddened.

I am going to do my best to be sensitive to whatever side of the coin you may fall on. But this is something I have to say.

Is racism a problem in America today?

Yes it is. I believe with all my heart that racism is alive and well in this country.


But our agreement on this issue may stop there. I also believe that racism is alive and well in this country because of minorities. Not because of your average white man.

Of course as with most things, there are exceptions to every rule. Are there racist middle aged white men? Absolutely. But the issue with race that I see in this country today is not because of those middle aged white men. It is from the very minorities screaming racism.

Rachel Jeantel was the star witness for the prosecution in the George Zimmerman trial.

When asked about Trayvon’s use of the word “cracka,” Rachel explained that in her community, and in so many around the country, the word carries a much different meaning than the one originally assigned to it. Cracka, which offended many because of its racist roots, is a word Rachel says she uses to denote a person acting with authority, such as a police man, security guard, or even George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman.

In her interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Rachel spoke about Trayvon’s use of “creepy ass cracka” or “nigga.” The difference? To her, it’s apples to oranges. Cracka isn’t offensive, cracker is; nigga isn’t a hateful word, nigger is. There was no malice in Trayvon’s words.

She went on the stand and tried to convince you and I that calling any white person a cracka is not a slur, not racial, and not offensive. I am here to say that as long as this name calling from either side continues, we we will never solve any race issues in this country.

I have seen people try and defend on Facebook that even Cracker is not a racial slur. I have seen grown adults throw the word around like it is cute or funny.

Guess what?

A racial slur is a racial slur! No matter who it is directed towards.

And when you have people like our President go on national TV and try and speak for one race as a whole by saying that he understands what it like to be treated a certain way because of the color of his skin, it just fuels the fire. Not everyone has had that experience.


At the end of the day calling me or any other white person a cracka or a cracker is just as offensive and hateful as me calling a person of color a nigga, nigger, spic, wop, or take your pick of any other nasty words.

I think a racial slur can be boiled down very simply into any word or phrase that is used to describe a person and illicit a negative response. And changing the ending to an ‘a’ instead of an ‘er’ does not take away the hate behind it.

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