Interesting Facts about Mans Best Friend.

My mom has always been allergic to cats, therefore we have always had a dog. In turn I guess that this has made me a dog person. I prefer them over cats.

Then I noticed today when browsing through some post on Stumble Upon there are a lot of post about cats. Cute cat pictures, amazing cat facts, the list goes on and on. Where is the dog love?

So without further ado here are some fun facts about dogs.

In Iran, it is against the law to own a dog as a pet. However, if an owner can prove the dog is a guard or hunting dog, this restriction doesn’t apply.

A dog’s normal body temperature is 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

President Lyndon Johnson had two beagles named Him and Her.

A dog can locate the source of a sound in 1/600 of a second and can hear sounds 250 yards away. They can actually hear the high-frequency pulse of the crystal resonator used in digital alarm clocks and bodily vibrations of termites in the walls. No wonder they are such light sleepers.

Dogs are born deaf, blind and toothless.

If you were to remove the scent receptors from a dog’s nose and lay them out flat, they would cover an area greater than the dog itself.


Dalmatian puppies are born without spots.

Approximately 87% of dog owners say that when they watch T.V. their dog curls up beside them or at their feet.

A dog’s shoulder blades are unattached to the rest of the skeleton to allow greater flexibility for running.

Dogs in a pack are more likely to chase and hunt than a single dog on its own. Two dogs are enough to form a pack.

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