It’s Raining Frogs


Last week I went out on the front porch to put a little garden decoration thing out there. No incident.

On my way back in the house, I opened the front door and something green and wet fell on me. I shivered and did the grossed out ‘ugh’ noise.

Then I noticed it was a little frog. He just sat there on the porch looking up at me. The dog and Genghis just had to coming running out to investigate. Of course leaving the front door wide open.

The dog went to sniff at it and the frog promptly decided its best way of escape was to hop into the house. Where the other 2 dogs were waiting, wondering what was going on.

He ended up under a recliner and for a brief moment I was worried that I would have a little frog on the loose in my house. And then he would randomly fall on me at the worst moments and make me want to move again.

Luckily the little dog chased the frog out from under the chair, Genghis captured it and returned it safely to the front yard. And I no longer have to think about moving.

And if thou refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all thy borders with frogs. Exodus 8:9

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