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Look out 3rd Grade, Here We Come! — Yellow Tennessee

Look out 3rd Grade, Here We Come!

We have been homeschooling now for about 18 months. In that time Genghis has finished kindergarten and first grade. I have had the honor of seeing him learn to read, master math problems and just learn so much overall. He is a bright kid and loves all things related to animals and science.

Kindergarten graduation

At the end of last year as we were finishing up his work from first grade we ran into some problems. On a daily basis it became a fight to try and get him to sit down and do any of his work. Everyday when I would tell him it was time for school he would whine and tell me how he didn’t want to do any work. It was so boring and he hated it.

At first I chalked it up to normal kid stuff and just forced him to finish the work. Then I started to wonder if maybe there was a problem. Maybe he was bored with the learning style. OK we can change the way we do things. Or maybe he was really bored and we needed to re-evaluate.

We ended up testing him for what he should know for each grade level. The idea was simple, I gave him the test and only offered clearer explanation if he did not understand the instructions. Then I just let him go.

He ended up testing at a 4th grade reading level and at 3rd grade for both math and language arts. So after talking about it with my husband we decided that rather than fight him on doing his work we would do everything we could to keep him challenged and interested.

And just like that we are skipping second grade. Third grade starts on Monday. At this rate we may need to hire a teacher for him as I fear he is quickly going to pass my level of comfort for teaching.

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