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I cannot believe we are already at the end of month 3 for my Shaklee 180™ journey. When I first started I wasn’t entirely sure what my goals were. I remember thinking if I could lose 20 pounds I would be thrilled. I have 3 more months left on this program and I am down 19 pounds!

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I don’t have my before pictures to show you a side by side because my computer is being repaired. But those jeans are a size smaller. And I feel great.

I know that a lot of times as women our bodies change so much with age and having children. It can often be tough to still like what you see in the mirror after the years go by and you have had babies. 2 kids and 38 years on this earth and my body is no where near what it was when I was 20. Things sag, weight gets carried differently, stretch marks show up. But that is no reason not to still love the skin you are in.

This month we have been focusing on what we do like about ourselves. Right now! Not when we were younger, not when we we thinner, not when we were more fit. What do you like, right now? For me it has always been my hips. I have never been a stick figure girl and I never will be. I am a curvy girl and I have hips and thighs. I like that about myself.

And as I see the weight melt away, I see more of those curves that I have always loved.

I am still loving how very easy it is to follow the Shaklee 180™ program. A shake for breakfast and lunch, a sensible dinner and I am done for the day!

I have received free products, online support and incentives for participating. My opinions are my own. People following the weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180™ Program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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