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Making Sense out of Mortgages — Yellow Tennessee

Making Sense out of Mortgages

We were very, very lucky when we bought this house in May that everything went smoothly. We sold our house, closed on this one and moved in all in the span of one week. It just went perfectly.


Of course this is not always the case. Ask anyone who has every bought a home before and you will hear horror story upon horror story.

And even when it does goes smoothly, there can be all kinds of terms thrown around that you have no idea what they mean. APR, FHA, PMI, oh my!

The basics behind a mortgage are really simple. You need somewhere to live, you can’t afford to outright buy said place to live so you borrow the money and pay it back with interest. All while living in said home.

Simple enough but dealing with the right mortgage lender really can make all the difference in the world.


Before you do start shopping for a home it is important to look at the current average mortgage rates. Starting here can help you know what price of home you can afford.

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