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Disney XD Max Steel, Let’s Go Turbo! — Yellow Tennessee

Disney XD Max Steel, Let’s Go Turbo!

Having a 7 year old boy in the house means that we are in the middle of the super hero phase. Everything from movies and TV shows watched, imaginary play, and even clothing all have to feature the latest and greatest super heroes.

So when I was approached and asked to check out Max Steel from Mattel, I knew that my little super hero fan would be excited.

I had heard of the Max Steel show on Disney XD but we hadn’t actually seen it yet.


Designed, developed and produced by Mattel, Max Steel chronicles the epic adventures of earth
bound teenager Maxwell McGrath™ and his alien friend Steel. Both possess special powers and discover that once combined, together they transform to create “Max Steel,” a technologically superior superhero with “Turbo Energy.” Once the power is harnessed, Max Steel’s signature turbo blue energy can be summoned with a “Let’s go turbo,” transformative command in defense of earth-threatening villains.

The high-octane, action-packed animated series airs on Disney. MaxSteel.com serves as the
centralized hub for the property with interactive games, webisodes and additional content.


We were going to have a Max Steel party and invite some friends over to watch the show, check out the toys, and eat. Then everyone started sharing this nasty cold that was going around and no one could make it. Thankfully having 2 kids of my own we were still able to check out the goodies and have our own little party.

Max Steel

First up, the Max Steel cartoon. Both kids really seemed to enjoy the cartoon and I thought it was very well done and even funny at times. But I really like the main messages in all the episodes.

Teamwork: Max is like any other high school student. But when he teams up with Steel, their combined forces unlock superhero powers that help them conquer their world
Humor: Just like every bond between best buds, quick-witted Max and trusty sidekick Steel’s banter back and forth is comedic gold
Friendship: The bond forged between Max and sidekick Steel is undeniably unbreakable. Together they operate as one inseparable duo showing that the power of two is better than one

We even got a behind the scenes look at the Max Steel live action show. They are taking Max out of animation and bringing him to life. And I can tell that no matter how we watch it, Max Steel is one that Genghis is going to really enjoy.

Max Steel Turbo Sword Combo


Now your child can be Max Steel with the Turbo Sword Combo. This set comes with a sword, a Steel character, and a base. Steel can float along next to your child as they pretend to be Max. But you can also attach Steel to the sword. Once you do this, the sword is motion sensitive and will light up and glow blue as the sword is moved. With the touch of a button Steel’s face also lights up blue to add to the fun.

Steel can even be worn on your shirt to take the playing of Max Steel to the next level.

The kids had a blast playing with the swords. And even my husband had fun with it. His only complaint was that we only had one sword so we couldn’t fight.

Max Steel Turbo Team Up Figures


No super hero line would be complete without action figures. Turbo Team-Up Figures allow kids to play out their favorite Max Steel story lines and imagine up their own. Each figure is fully posable and has their own unique action feature that’s inherent to their character including signature moves, weapons and superpowers. Integrated LED light effects showcase figure’s strength and power while giving Max Steel a blue “Turbo energy” glow.

And of course you have to have some villains to fight.


Some of the features of the figures, such as smaller buttons to make moveable parts work, were a little tricky for the 2 year old. These toys are more appropriate for ages 6 and up, and Genghis has no problem getting them to work, and having a blast becoming Max Steel and fighting off the villains.

Max Steel Turbo Sword Combo retails for $29.99. The Max Steel Turbo Team Up sell for $12.99. The Max Steel toy line also includes action figures (MSRP $5.99) and a Max Steel costume (MSRP $21.99-27.00), perfect for boys this Halloween. The Max Steel line is available at many stores such as Kmart, Walmart, Toys R Us, and Amazon.

And once we have a quiet weekend where everyone is healthy, we will be rescheduling our Max Steel party!

Do your children watch Max Steel?

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