Moo Boo’s for Your Exquisite Little Girl

I remember back when we first got married and I got pregnant, I wanted a girl. So much so that I just knew that if I had a boy I would cry. It was bad. I lost that baby and after that, whenever I got pregnant, I didn’t care what I had, just as long as they were healthy. Perspective. I got it!

Fast forward to 8 years after that first pregnancy and we had Miss Stalin. This girl is incredible. She is everything I wanted a little girl to be.

Moo Boos

She loves dresses, and frills, and bows, and pink, and dress up. At 2 1/2 she is already wanting to try make up when she sees me putting mine on. But she can run and keep up with her 7 year old brother. And if you make her mad. Watch out. That sweet face bites.

If she could reach the knives I would fear for my safety at times. For reals.


So when I was approached by Moo Boo’s to feature their upscale girls clothing, I just knew that my little lady would be over the moon for new dresses.


I was right. She loves these dresses.

We were able to check out

  • The Green Stretch Cotton, One Shoulder Sundress
  • The Navy and Pink Stripe Cotton Jersey Sundress
  • Multicolored Peace and Flowers Cotton Dress.

The first thing I noticed was how darling they were. The colors are bright and vivid. The material is soft. And they all have the cutest little details thrown in.


The one shoulder look is made into this sweet dress complete with ruffles. The color is simply amazing and the fabric is a soft cotton. The multicolored dress has the sweetest little cut out in the back.


Moo Boo’s creates upscale girl’s clothing, finely crafted from designer materials. Available in sizes 2T-8, our collection ranges from refined play wear to special occasion dresses.

A dress for all seasons, Moo Boo’s girl’s fashions feature classic designs, fun prints, modern colors, and stellar craftsmanship.

Besides adorable everyday dresses, Moo Boo’s also offers some beautiful Dress Up dresses, charming outfit sets, and delightful Team Spirit outfits.

And as a huge added bonus, besides being great products they are made right here in the USA. When talking with a representative from Moo Boo’s I asked what they try to get across to customers. His response: “The main things we really strive to achieve with our line is trying to provide customers with American made product that is well designed, well made and offered at a good value.”

This is my favorite dress from Moo Boo's.  It is soft, the colors are bright and it is just so cute.

This is my favorite dress from Moo Boo’s. It is soft, the colors are bright and it is just so cute.

I can say with absolute certainty that Moo Boo’s has succeed in their goal.

Everything has held up wonderfully with lots of wear and washing. The fabric is still as soft as the day we got it and the colors have not faded at all. I love that Moo Boo’s offers so many wonderful items that are made in the USA.


And Miss Stalin just loves that she got pretty dresses. I call that a win/win situation.


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