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Most Awesome Gun Ever… — Yellow Tennessee

Most Awesome Gun Ever…

Our newest question comes from Alison. She asks:

What do you think is the most awesome gun ever and why?

Well now that is a loaded question. (like my pun?)

Seriously, that is not an easy question as the answer is going to be completely subjective. Just because I say it awesome does not mean that someone else won’t come along and say that is the worst gun every made.

So lets rephrase that a bit and say what is the most awesome gun to me. That I can attempt to answer. Especially if you have all day long to read. I kid. Sort of!

I have shot a decent amount of handguns. And I can give you things I like about each of them and I can give you things I hate about each of them. But for me my most favorite right out of the box is a Springfield Armory TRP.

Isn’t it pretty? And yes, I am a girl so pretty matters. But besides being pretty it is functional. It comes in .45 caliber and was easy to operate for me. I have small weak girly hands so I need something with a lighter trigger and an easy to rack slide. The TRP had both for me. Is is the one gun that is on my must own someday list.

That and a .50 cal because I think that would be a blast!

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