Swap CD’s, DVD’s, and Games for Cash with musicMagpie

We all have them. DVD’s, CD’s, and even games all on disc just sitting around taking up space. I couldn’t even tell you how many CD’s we have in our house and they really do little more than sit around and collect dust.


Things that we haven’t watched, played or listened to in years are just here. Not being used.

musicMagpie is out to change all of that. By taking your unwanted CD’s, DVD’s and games and giving you cash!

How it works:

First you enter the barcodes from each of the DVDs, CDs and Games that you want to sell into the Valuation Engine. This will give you an instant price that you will be paid for your disc.

Select your shipping method. You can choose to ship your items using UPS or USPS. All shipping options are free and paid for by musicMagpie.

After musicMagpie receives your discs they will check them out to make sure they are still in working order and then they send you a check.

For all DVDs, CDs, or Games sold, the discs must be in perfect playing condition and it must have all the original artwork, covers and booklets.

But it gets even better. musicMagpie also has a free iPad app or Android app that you can download and then scan the bar codes from your discs. This eliminates the need to enter each bar code individually and can also help cut down on errors when entering the numbers.

You can also use your webcam to scan bar codes!

musicMagpie does have a minimum requirement of at least 10 discs but will accept up to 500 discs in a single transaction. And while any discs that do not meet quality control after being sent in, will not be returned to you, this is still a great way to make a little extra money and clean out some of the clutter in your home.

Have you ever sold your used discs?


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