No Mom of the Year Awards Here.

We have all had moments when we really dropped the ball as moms. Sometimes they are harmless other times you end up feeling like the worst mom in the world. But surely I was not alone in this so I asked some other mom friends what things they have done to ensure they would not be up for Mom of the Year.


‘I took my then 5 year old son to the eye doctor for a checkup. We didn’t think he needed glasses at all but figured with our insurance coverage it would be a good idea to get it done. We then learned he was blind as a bat. When I looked shocked the eye doctor asked me if he ran into walls a lot. I laughed and said yes, but I thought all kids did that. ‘ Yep, that is my story and the little one is question is none other than Genghis.

‘When my son was 13, he stepped on his foot wrong getting out of bed one day. I had the day off and wanted to just stay home by myself, so when he came in my room and stuck his size 12 foot in my face, I told him there was nothing wrong with it and told him to get dressed so he wouldn’t miss the bus. He went to school, but when he got home his foot was swollen to double the normal size. I took him to the ER, where they did x-rays and told me his foot was broken. He wore a walking cast or two months.’

‘My oldest son is Autistic and before he started school he had to have all of this testing to see if he needed things like speech, physical, occupational and developmental therapies. Well one of the things they test is whether or not your child can properly use scissors. It had NEVER occurred to me that he should even be using scissors, I don’t think he had ever touched a pair in his life. So of course he didn’t know how. I tried explaining this to the therapist who looked at me like I was nuts. I was always too concerned about his safety to realize that he should at age 4 be able to at least be able to use kid scissors.’

‘I ran classes at a local craft store and often had to run down to the store to grab items or make arrangements for the next class. One day I was going out the door and my 6 year old asked if she could come along. We got to the store and she went to a big bead bin to play while I ran my errands. I got what I needed, had a little chat with the owner and left. I got about 3 blocks down the street when I remembered that I had brought my daughter to the store with me! She was still playing with the beads when I returned, but OMG did I feel awful.’

‘As an Australian mom living in the states I spent an entire day working on a costume for my son’s school ‘Fancy Dress Day’. I was going to send him as a power ranger. In Australia, “fancy dress” means to dress in costume. I didn’t believe him when he told me he had to wear formal clothes. Oops. Luckily I asked on Facebook and avoided embarrassment for my son.’

‘My son wasn’t feeling good and wanted to skip swim practice twice in a week. He hardly had a fever, just a little tired, and didn’t quite seem himself. After four days and wanting to skip more practice, my husband and I encouraged him to get back at it, even when he said he didn’t feel good. We reminded him that sometimes you just have to push through not feeling it. Five days (and two practices later), I took him to the pediatrician so I could make sure he was well for Thanksgiving company……MONO!’

‘My son didn’t want to go to McDonald’s with me to play. Took him anyway so Daddy could get some sleep because he had the flu. Little boy didn’t want to eat and said his tummy hurt. He fell asleep on the bench. He then proceeded to throw up on his and his brother’s coats, the bench, the floor, and himself not even 20 minutes later. Oops. I should have listened and left him home. Or taken him home when he said his tummy didn’t feel good.’

These are just a few of the gems that some of my favorite moms have shared with me. What is one of your bad mom moments?

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