November is National Caregiver Month. #ThanksProject

Being a caregiver can often times be a thankless job. It is not that the person being cared for is not grateful but they often times cannot effectively express their thanks.

Did you know there are over 42 million caregivers in the US alone?


Years ago my father had a stroke. We were lucky that it wasn’t horrible. He had a few lingering issues for awhile but nothing major. Then he had another one.

We weren’t so lucky that time. His entire left side of his body was paralyzed. Eventually, with a lot of physical therapy and hard work he did learn to walk again with a cane. His left arm remained paralyzed.


As a result he required help with even basic tasks such as getting dressed, making meals, and even cutting his own food. My mom became full time nurse to him. But there were times she couldn’t be there. And while I lived up home, I helped out as much as I could.

There was somethings I didn’t ever help with but just taking him out of the house was an ordeal. You had to make sure he could get in and out of the car. Help him walk anywhere we were going. Just think for one second about how much help you would need if one of your arms just hung at your side and never moved.

My dad passed away in March but we still thank my mom everyday for the amazing care she gave my dad. Never was it a thought to see about placing him somewhere that could provide the round the clock care he needed.

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This month AARP and the Ad Council have teamed up to say thank you to all the caregivers out there with the Give Thanks Project. You can add a public thank you to the special caregivers in your life.

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The Ad Council and AARP has created a Caregiver Assistance Campaign. This campaign not only lets you say thank you but also receive valuable tools and tips for being a caregiver as well as offer a community that you can join for support.

For all the caregivers out there, thank you! You really are doing a great job.

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