Our Dog is Scared Of The Dark


That is Masada. She is a German Shepherd and she is afraid of the dark. I kid you not.

We crate train all our dogs. It is easy for when you are going to be out and also gives them their own space where they can go when they don’t want to play with the kids or each other. Or just want some down time.

They all trained fairly easily.

Not Masada. It was horrible. She would cry and cry and cry and every night I gave up and would let her sleep with me.

Then we noticed. During the day she would let us know she wanted to go out but rarely let us know she wanted back in. She loves being outside.

Until the sun goes down. Then she will let us know she needs to go out. Run outside, do her business and in record time want back in.

So we got her a nightlight and put it next to her crate. There is no way this was going to work. Dogs aren’t scared of the dark.

Expect it did work. She now happily sleeps in her crate. With her trusty night light.

Silly dog!

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