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Pampers Celebrates Sweet Sleep Time with 12 Hours of Overnight Dryness #PampersBabyDry — Yellow Tennessee

Pampers Celebrates Sweet Sleep Time with 12 Hours of Overnight Dryness #PampersBabyDry

As any mom knows the amount of diapers we go through can be staggering. And while the perfect diaper for you varies from child to child, we all know that staying dryer longer can lead to a better nights sleep for everyone.

Miss Stalin is over 2 years old and still doesn’t sleep through the night. Can you say mama is beat! But thankfully she doesn’t wake up due to a leaky diaper anymore. I admit that we used cloth diapers and no mater what combo I tried, she would always leak. Always! And even up until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t found anything that really worked. I was using a disposable diaper with a cloth diaper and even that didn’t do the job.

Then I was offered the chance to try Pampers Extra Protection Diaper and Celebrate Sweet Sleep. I figured what did I have to lose? Then this box of goodies show up. Now if a good book, a soft nightlight and a great diaper are not the recipe for a good nights sleep then I don’t know what is.


I am thrilled to say that after one week we don’t have anymore leaks. One thing I love most about these diapers is they are thin. They are not at all bulky and don’t add a lot of extra weight. They still make it easy for her to move. And we all know toddlers move a lot when they sleep.

Sweet Dreams

I wish I could say that the Pampers are helping her sleep through the night but at the very least the 2am wakings no longer require turning on the lights and changing a diaper. One single diaper gets us through the whole night. That alone is worth so much to me.

Pampers wants you to celebrate your Sweet Sleep. You could be the featured Pampers’ Moment of the Week! Parents can post photos of their little ones enjoying a dry night’s sleep on their Pamper’s Facebook page and on Twitter (@Pampers; #PampersBabyDry) for a chance to be featured as the “Sweet Sleep Time Moment of the Week.”

I received diapers and other promotional items in exchange for this post. No other compensation was given. And of course all opinions are my own. I won’t sell out for diapers!

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