Pampers Love, Sleep & Play #PampersLoveSleepPlay

There are a million ways to love, a million ways to sleep, and a million ways to play. The differences don’t matter. What matters is that every baby has the freedom to love, sleep & play their way.

There is nothing better than babies. Watching them grow and learn is really an amazing experience. And for the first time in 50 years Pampers is turning the spotlight on babies with their Love, Sleep and Play campaign. From now until August 6th, parents can submit photos of their babies experiencing love, sleep or play. Each week, each photo submitted will have an opportunity to appear on the Pampers Facebook page, in Pampers Twitter feed and in the brand’s special Love, Sleep & Play online gallery. These photos will also have the opportunity to be featured in the brand’s groundbreaking celebration event in New York City next month. In joining the campaign, parents can celebrate all the special ways their babies experience love, sleep and play.


I have had the time of my life watching Miss Stalin love:




And Play:


She is my last baby and knowing this has really let me savor all the memories of her. Of course I also have a million memories of Genghis when he was a baby. But Miss Stalin was different. Never little miss independent, she instead wanted mama and no one but mama. Even now, I still rock her at night, softly singing to her in the quiet dark, stroking her hair and watching as she drifts off to sleep.

I covet the moments when she looks at me so sweetly, kisses my face and says ‘wuv you, mama’.

And I love nothing more than watching her run and play.

I received promotional items from Pampers for my post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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