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Pleygo, Like NetFlix with Legos — Yellow Tennessee

Pleygo, Like NetFlix with Legos

Last month I mentioned a new monthly subscription service called Pleygo. But instead of clothes or movies, Pleygo features Lego’s.

The idea is really simple. You pick a plan, add some Lego sets and the wait for one to show up in the mail. Play with the set as long as you want, then return in the prepaid package and wait for the next one to show up. Repeat over and over.

Three levels of subscription starting at just $15 allow you to find the plan that best suits you. We offer credit towards you account for sets and mixed bricks that you donate to us, and we provide the shipping label too! Pleygo is a perfect gift for a family friend, loved one, or birthday party. Purchase a gift subscription and send it with a special message from you! We are constantly expanding our inventory with more sets!

Receive your First Month FREE at USFamily Coupons or directly at www.Pleygo.com to register!

Pleygo set

For the past month or so we have had the pleasure of trying out Pleygo. It has been fun and Genghis gets to excited to check the mail when he is expecting a new set.

So what do we really think?


Pleygo is really easy to sign up for.

With plans starting as low as $15 a month, it is affordable.

There is no fee or extra charge for lost pieces.

All sets are available for purchase at any time.

Pleygo will buy your used sets from you for credit to the site.



Shipping is via USPS and is a little slow. However, I just learned that shipping is now going to go through Fed-Ex and they expect it to be quicker.

The amount of sets to choose from (at the lowest priced plan) is really limited.

As with any subscription service, you may have to wait to get your first pick of sets. You have to wait until it is back in stock.

And at the end of the day, while the actual idea is really cool, it is not a real savings over just buying the regular Lego sets. The cheapest monthly plan bills at $15 a month. The sets offered for this plan can be purchased online or in stores for $10 to $15.


But at the end of the day, we are fans of Pleygo. It is an affordable way to try out different sets without adding to your Lego pile.

And to help keep the creative juices flowing, Pleygo has a new sweepstakes going on.

Pleygo is looking for all the engineers and builders of tomorrow to submit a video showcasing their favorite LEGO creation. The video should present your LEGO masterpiece, along with a brief description
about what you enjoyed the most while building it. We always encourage creativity, so if there is a fun way of presenting your LEGO creation; Go for it! All videos must be submitted by Nov. 4. Learn more at Pleygo on Facebook.


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