Pleygo, What a Great Idea

As the mom of a 7 year old we are knee deep into a love of all things Lego. Every time the new Lego Magazine arrives, it is like Christmas. Days are spent pouring over the same pages. Making new wishlists for sets wanted. Reading the comics and stories. Trying a new build out of the same old pieces.

But if your child is anything like mine the last thing they really need is another Lego set. Besides the price involved, Genghis is notorious for building them, playing with them for a day or two, then taking them apart and leaving the pieces sit until he gets a wild hair and decides he simply must build it again. Then the cycle repeats.

Sure he has a blast with them when they are new. The challenge of building a new set. And I admit I enjoy the quiet it buys us for the short time he is focused on nothing more than building the new set.

Then I heard about Pleygo and I thought it was such a wonderfully brilliant idea that I wish I had thought of it first. The premise is actually very simple.


First you select your plan based on age of the child and size of the set. Then you create a wishlist with the sets you would like. Then you sit back and wait for a set to arrive. Build the set, play with the set and then return it in the pre-paid postage envelope. Repeat! For as long as you want.

Pleygo is a Net-Flix like service for Legos! Subscribe, rent, play, and exchange sets of LEGOs unlimited times per month. Shipping is always free both ways and sets are sanitized when returned. We offer a convenient, quick, and inexpensive solution that relieves clutter and saves space at home while saving money. Co-Founded by influential parenting blogger and creator of A-List mom Elina Furman, Plegyo is the perfect way to supply your child with endless developmental tools and allow for that much needed quiet time at home!

Pleygo set

Three levels of subscription starting at just $15 allow you to find the plan that best suits you. We offer credit towards you account for sets and mixed bricks that you donate to us, and we provide the shipping label too! Pleygo is a perfect gift for a family friend, loved one, or birthday party. Purchase a gift subscription and send it with a special message from you! We are constantly expanding our inventory with more sets!

Receive your First Month FREE at USFamily Coupons or directly at to register!

Do you have a Lego lover in your life that would love this service?

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