Reusing Bullets? Gun Talk

Today’s question comes from a reader in NY. She has heard that there are different gun owners who reuse bullets but wasn’t sure how that was even possible.

Basically this practice is called reloading and you are not reusing the entire bullet but rather the brass.

Let’s first go back and look at the parts that make up a round of ammunition.


A cartridge is made up of the case or the brass, a primer, gun powder and the actual bullet.

When a gun is fired, the firing pin hits the primer. This ignites the gun powder and causes the bullet to leave the barrel of the gun. The case or the brass is then ejected out of the side of the gun.

The brass or the case can then be saved and reloaded to use again.


The actual process of reloading is not something that should be done lightly. Improper reloads may have the bullet seated incorrectly or have too much gun powder or other issues. So if you do ever decide to reload any of your own ammunition, make sure you have the proper equipment, do your research and buy quality equipment.

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