Roku and Redbox Instant from Verizon: Make the Most of Me Time

When we moved in May, we had to make a million phone calls and work on setting up phone, internet, TV, power, and everything else that goes along with moving. Then we found that normal cable TV is not an option here where we live. Of course we could go with satellite but being out in the middle of nowhere we have heard some horror stories on just how well the reception really is. So we went with a simple TV antenna. We get a handful of channels and the selection is really quite pitiful.

So as not to miss our favorite shows and to still be able to watch some movies we were using the Wii and streaming different things. Fine and dandy but what about current shows that we want to watch? Walking Dead is starting soon and I won’t be able to see them. That makes me sad.

Sure we could watch them the next day on AMC’s website but watching on the computer is not nearly as fun when you are trying to watch something with your husband. Also being that we live in the middle of nowhere our only option for internet is satellite. Think bad hotel wi-fi speeds and you will have an idea of what our internet connection is like. Not to mention the monthly caps of gigabytes and we can run out of bandwidth pretty fast. Once we use up our allotted gigabytes we are stuck on dial up for the rest of the month. Have you ever tried to watch an episode of Breaking Bad on dial up? It takes about 3 hours. Seriously.

Roku logo

Then Roku contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out the new Roku 3 and let you all know what we thought. It was a no brainer.

The first thing I noticed was how small it is. The Roku 3 fits in my hand and this of course cuts down on the amount of bulky items cluttering our entertainment center.

Roku 3

Set Up

Set up for the Roku 3 was so easy and simple. Just plug it in and then run an HDMI cable (not included) from the Roku to your TV. You will also have to register for a Roku account. Then you can start watching all your favorites.

What does the Roku 3 offer?

  • The Roku 3 works only with HD televisions. So be warned, if you don’t have an HDTV, you will want a different model.
  • 750+ entertainment channels, so you will never run out of things to watch.
  • Built-in wireless (Wi-Fi b/g/n compatible)
  • New on-screen experience with one-stop search
  • Plays 720p HD video
  • Instant replay control on remote
  • Plays 1080p HD video
  • Remote with headphone jack (includes earbuds)
  • Motion control for games (Angry Birds Space included)
  • Dual-band wireless, Ethernet port & USB port*


Roku Channels

What else?

Roku has also teamed up with Redbox Instant by Verizon Wireless to help you unwind and make the most of your me time. If you haven’t heard, Redox Instant features instant streaming movies as well as 4 free rentals for just $8 a month ($9 for Blu-Ray). And of course you can stream your Redbox Instant picks with your Roku.

redbox instant

Redbox Instant from Verizon Wireless

  • Become a subscriber and enjoy more than 5,500 titles instantly.
  • Bookmark movies you discover for future viewing.
  • Watch movie trailers and read reviews before you watch.
  • Start, stop, and resume watching across any device where Redbox Instant by Verizon is available.
  • Parental controls to manage on demand purchases and control restrictions for younger viewers.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day would I recommend a Roku to anyone? Absolutely yes! It really is so very easy to use and I can keep up with all the shows I love but can’t watch due to no cable TV access. Set up was a breeze and the interface is so simple that no instructions were needed.

The Roku 3 is available in the US through,, and other leading retail stores. It retails for $99.99.


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