Rootbeer Float, Banana Split, or Baked Alaska?

If you could only pick one of these desserts which would it be and why?

Personally I have never tried Baked Alaska. I have a weird thing with cake and ice cream touching.

And I love a good Rootbeer Float as much as the next girl.

But I would have to go with a banana split.


It is ice cream. And hello, who doesn’t love ice cream? Plus you get to throw some fruit in there and tell yourself that it is good for you.

When I was pregnant with Genghis I craved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and banana splits all the time. I actually went to Dairy Queen one night to get a craving fix and they were out of bananas. How is that possible?

I cried. Drove home with nothing and promptly told my husband they were out of bananas and went to bed.

I went back the next night with my own banana just in case. Looking back it would have been easier to just go to the store and get all the things needed to make my own. What can I say. Pregnancy doesn’t exactly make me think rationally.

Who am I kidding? I rarely think rationally.

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