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S’mores French Toast Recipe — Yellow Tennessee

S’mores French Toast Recipe

I love all things S’mores. They are hands down my favorite treat. And I find myself making french toast often for breakfast. Then I had a thought. Why not combine them and make S’mores french toast! Um, yes please.

S'mores French Toast

The crunch of the graham cracker mixed with the buttery taste of the french toast pairs perfectly with the sweet from the chocolate and marshmallows. There is no need to add syrup. These are perfect just the way they are.


Makes 8 pieces of french toast.

5 eggs.
8 slices of bread.
4 graham crackers.
Chocolate pieces (I used Kisses for these)
Mini Marshmallows

Add eggs to a bowl and beat. Crush the graham crackers then add to the egg mixture, mixing well.

Heat a medium sized pan and add butter to it.

Dip bread in the egg and graham cracker mixture and cook over medium heat until brown. Flip and cook on the other side.

When finished, while toast is still hot, top with chocolate and mini marshmallows. Place another slice of the french toast on top and press down slightly.

Let sit for about 2 minutes to let the chocolate and marshmallow melt. Cut and enjoy!

S'mores French Toast 2

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