Take Another Look at Shelf Safe Milk. #MilkUnleashed

I will admit that when it comes to stocking up on things to use during a disaster, or what have you, we have an entire closet devoted to it. Powered milk, shelf safe milk, canned goods, the list goes on and on. But we haven’t used the milk. I rotate and replace when needed but it just sits there as a back up.

A just in case.

I never gave much thought to the shelf safe milk. And I assumed that it would be great to use if we couldn’t get to the store for our traditional milk but that it was full of preservatives and other things so that it wouldn’t be ideal for daily use.

Shelf Safe Milk

I was wrong!

Take everything you thought you knew about shelf safe milk and forget it!

I recently attended a briefing session with Milk Unleashed about shelf safe milk and I am excited about this product.

What is Shelf Safe Milk?

Shelf safe milk is the same milk you already know and drink. The only difference if the way it is pasteurized. Using a pasteurization process called Ultra High Temperature or UTH, the milk is heated to 280 degrees for 3 seconds then rapidly cooled down. It is then placed in special containers and sealed. This allows the milk to be stored on the shelf, without refrigeration for 6 to 9 months. Once opened, the milk is refrigerated and has the same life as traditional milk.

It has no extra preservatives or additives. It is simply the pasteurization process that allows it to be safely stored on the shelf. You can even find organic and hormone free shelf safe milk.


What are the special containers?

The cartons for shelf safe milk feature 6 layers. Each layer is designed to protect the milk and keep out harmful bacteria and light making it safe to store without refrigeration. As an added bonus these cartons are also recyclable. The packaging is made of 70% paper, which is considered a renewable resource. One in three American households has access to carton recycling across 40 states.


And as far as sustainability goes, shelf safe milk has the edge on regular milk. It does not need to be transported or stored in a refrigerated environment, saving on transportation costs as well as electric used for storage.

What Else should I know about Shelf Safe Milk:

Shelf Safe Milk has the same taste as traditional milk. I was told, if you tried shelf safe milk in the past and thought it tasted different or didn’t care for it. Then try it again! Advances have made it so that the milk tastes no different from refrigerated milk.

Shelf safe milk can be used in any of your cooking and recipes. It is the same milk as refrigerated milk and will not alter the outcome of your favorite recipes.

Where Can I Buy Shelf Safe Milk:

Many stores carry shelf safe milk in a variety of sizes and options, including organic, nutritionally enhanced and flavored milks. Some stores will place the milk in the refrigerated section or near it. Others will have it in the cereal aisle or even in the juice aisle. My local Kroger keeps it on the shelves in the organic section of the store.

If all else fails, you can find shelf safe milk for sale on Amazon.

You can also visit Milk Unleashed to find brands of shelf safe milk, where to buy, as well as a request form for your store to carry shelf safe milk.

You can also follow Milk Unleashed on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. And I happened to have it from an inside source that there is a great contest coming up next week on Facebook that you don’t want to miss.

But Is It Really That Good?

Just take a look at that face.


I love that I can toss a couple of boxes in the fridge and have it for a handy snack at home or even if we are out and about. You can also freeze the boxes, put it in your child’s lunch and when it is time to eat, the milk is thawed and ready to drink.

The individual cartons are super convenient for on the go or at home and the larger containers are great because you can stock up without taking up fridge space.

Do you use shelf safe milk?

I partnered with Milk Unleashed through The Motherhood. Compensation was provided. All opinions and ideas are my own.

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