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The Real Numbers on ObamaCare — Yellow Tennessee

The Real Numbers on ObamaCare

There has been a lot of confusion on exactly what is changed under insurance plans as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or ObamaCare. I admit that we have seen some rate changes in our deductibles and our coverage amounts for vision and dental have dropped.

Our vision insurance went from $500 per year, per person, to only $500 per year, per family. Dental insurance was exactly the same. So just in those two areas, as a family of 4, we have lost $3,000 per year in coverage. However, we also don’t pay out of pocket for our actual coverage. So the hit is not as hard felt as it is with others.

Then I came across a post on a forum I visit that shows how many will be dealing with the changes that ObamaCare is bringing about. I have talked with the original author of the forum post and he is aware of this post.

Here is the breakdown of monthly premiums paid over the last few years:
2011 – $412. per month
2012 – $462. per month
2013 – $516. per month

Rates have gone up while coverage has been downgraded every year.

Yesterday we received a letter from Kaiser that stated the following (see attached):


As you can see, as promised, if you have health care, you can keep your current plan.


At midnight on December 31, 2013, we will discontinue your current Kaiser Permanente plan because it will not meet the requirements of the ACA.

But have no fear, the insurance company has chosen a new plan that will include all the requirements required by the ACA. And the rate is only going to rise by $6.45 a month to $522.45. A rate change of only 1.3 percent. *This is where the media gets info that leads to reports stating that rates are not going up that high.


Doesn’t sound that bad so far, right?

Now let’s look at just what this small rate increase is getting them in terms of coverage, deductibles and limits.


Sure, the actual monthly premiums have not increased much at all. But deductibles have doubled and in some cases tripled. And take a look at the prescription coverage. Not only have prices increased but they only apply after the deductible has been met.

That folks is what ObamaCare looks like.

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