Things to do for families in Las Vegas

If you are visiting Las Vegas then why not take the family with you? You can still spend some time in the casinos but there are many other attractions there too, many of them suitable for children. Here are a few things for families to do in Sin City.

VegasThere are several playgrounds and theme parks, but if you want to provide your kids with an unforgettable experience then remember there are many more things in Nevada than Las Vegas, so hire a Hummer and head out across the Mojave Desert to the Death Valley National Park for some amazing sights and vistas. The kids will love Death Valley and so will you. Furnace Creek is the hottest place on the earth’s surface, and lies many meters below sea level.

Hang on to that Hummer and head out to the Grand Canyon National Park. This is another wonder of nature and is entirely unique. The canyon is a mile deep and many miles wide. It is a massive fissure and can be visually overwhelming with its intricate shapes and wonderful colours that change throughout the day. Treat yourselves to a helicopter flights into the cannon depths; it is a really spectacular experience.

The Hoover Dam is another great place to visit as is its lake. Called Lake Mead it is a great place for swimming, boating and water sport and a fantastic antidote to the busy world on the Strip.

Hoover dam

There is no reason not to enjoy some of the casinos too. Naturally children aren’t allowed inside but some hotels do offer on-site child-care facilities. Some casinos provide supervised activities for kids, for instance Kids Quest take children between 6 months and 12 years and provide an indoor playground, arts and craft, video games and provide nutritious meals. You can also ask the hotel to provide an in-room babysitter; most concierges are pleased to provide a fully trained and certified one. The only alternative is to play at an online casino which is not quite the same.

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