Top 10 Dream Road Trip Cars

There is nothing more liberating than getting behind the wheel and knowing you’re in charge. The road trip is not just an on-screen dream, but one that many petrol-head’s and adventurers alike embark upon every year. The open road stretching ahead is, indeed, a romantic vision that can, with the perfect vehicle, become a reality.

This top 10 comes from Pass Smart, and it’s designed to help you get on the road to your dream road trip with the perfect vehicle!

Volkswagen Camper

With the sparkling Pacific waters situated just off the road, is it any wonder that the Pacific Highway from Sydney to Brisbane is one of the most popular routes in the world? There is no better way to explore this sun-lovers paradise than from the front seat of a classic Volkswagen Camper. Reliable, stylish and spacious enough to store your surf board, this is, surely, the perfect accompaniment to your Australian adventure.

Volkswagen camper

Ferrari Testarossa

The Enzo’s older, cheaper and slightly more mature brother, take this eye-catcher for a cruise down the Franco-Italian coast, absorbing the glamour and glitz of Milan and Monaco as you go. Enjoy the scenery from the drivers seat as you travel down the stunning Cote d’Azur, through Nice and Cannes, before rolling in to Saint Tropez in style.

Porsche 911

Ignore everything your driving instructor taught you, because from the seat of this luxury German creation, you can enjoy the limitless speeds of Germany’s Autobahn. With top speeds of over 160kmh, you can join other thrill-seekers and experience the infamous highway for yourself.

Dodge Charger

It’s known as the Mother Road of the USA, and with this classic American motor, you can embark upon the ultimate all-American Route 66 adventure. Spanning from Chicago to Los Angeles and covering no less than 3940km, there will be no shortage of sights a long the way.


Volvo V70

Explore the Scottish Highlands in this reliable car. Not only is the third generation of the V70 a modern and fuel efficient way to enjoy the landscape, but it also boasts a four-cylinder engine and, of course, enough room for those all important golf clubs!

Skoda Yeti

Discover the awe of The Wild West as you travel through Wichita and Dodge City; stopping off at small towns full of stories of the past and promise for the future. The 4×4 Skoda Yeti can cope with the most challenging of terrains, and is the perfect vehicle for your quest through Kansas.

Nissan Figaro

Discover France’s Champagne region from this chic and unassuming car. With only two seats, the Nissan Figaro is perfect for a couple hoping for a relaxed tour of the famous vineyards. Don’t forget to book a couple of overnight stays – you might need it after all that wine tasting!

Toyota Hilux

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could take to the rugged South American roads in this robust pickup. Described as stylish but hard-working by its designers, this is surely the most promising vehicle to embark upon your very own Dakar Rally in.

MG Midget

Travel Britain in a car of its creation. There is plenty to do and see between John O’ Groats and Land’s End, and when you’ve completed the journey, you can proudly claim to have traveled the length of the island; all in this tiny MG Midget!


Holden Commodore Omega

There is no shortage of culture hidden behind the rugged, mountainous landscape of New Zealand’s North island, and on the Omega’s sturdy set of wheels, you won’t miss out on any of it.

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