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Top 5 Recommended Beaches You Must Visit — Yellow Tennessee

Top 5 Recommended Beaches You Must Visit

Almost everyone enjoys a beach vacation, especially as the weather is starting to get colder and colder each day. There are many great beaches to choose from around the world. You can visit a beach that’s close to you or you can book a flight and fly on over to an exotic destination. The folks over at FlightNetwork put together their top picks for their favorite beaches from around the world.

1. Outer Banks -North Carolina, USA


Outer Banks is one of North America’s more out of the way beaches, as even the name implies. These are a group of islands off the coast of North Carolina, which makes them less accessible than your average beach. This is also what gives you the feeling of being on an exotic, secluded island even though you’re still in the U.S.

People visit the Outer Banks all year round, but summer is the best time to go if you want to go in the water. The tourist season lasts from spring to fall and this is when all of the shops and restaurants are open. However, even in winter the weather is relatively mild and some people enjoy the privacy of wandering along a sparsely populated beach.

The Outer Banks has many activities aside from what you’d expect at a beach. The islands have plenty of places to hike, ride bicycles or go horseback riding. You will even find opportunities to go hang gliding or skydiving if you are the adventurous type. There are several skate boarding parks for kids as well.

There are many places to stay in the Outer Banks and you can find accommodations in all price ranges. There are lots of motels, hotels and B & Bs to choose from. The islands also have lots of restaurants and night life. You will find everything from casual eateries to fine dining. The Outer Banks are perfect for families, couples looking for a romantic getaway or anyone who likes a scenic, low key type of beach.

2. Ipanema Beach -Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Ipanema is one of the most famous beaches in the world, for many good reasons. This is a great party beach and popular among young travelers, and the whole area is bustling with people and activities, from surfing to volleyball. This is not a beach for people seeking seclusion or privacy, for it’s crowded all year round.

Aside from the beach itself, the surrounding neighborhood has lots of diverse restaurants, trendy shops and clubs. This is a place where people party well into the morning hours. While accommodations tend to be pricey, there are also some bargain hotels not far from Ipanema Beach.

Although summer is the time to come for the warmest temperatures, Ipanema draws lots of tourists for New Years as well as Carnival, which occurs in February. If you plan to visit during these times, it’s essential to book your flight and hotel well in advance.

3. Maui -Hawaii, USA


Maui is a uniquely beautiful beach, and one of Hawaii’s favorite spots. This is a beach that has something to offer everybody. It has an ideal climate all year round and lots of activities from scuba diving to whale watching. The island also gives you ample opportunities for exploration, whether you prefer to rent a car, hike or go horseback riding.

Maui is actually a large island, the second largest in Hawaii. This means there is quite a bit of diversity here and visitors can choose the spots that are most appealing to them. Maui is a popular honeymoon destination, and it’s certainly one of the world’s most romantic beaches. Yet it’s also a place where backpackers, older travelers and families will feel comfortable. There are many hotels and resorts to choose from on this picturesque Hawaiian island. You will also find many cruises that go to Maui.

Haleakala National Park is where you will find Maui’s highest peak and this is a great spot to hike and explore the island’s natural beauty. You can rent a cabin here or camp out. In addition to its beaches, Maui has plenty of festivals and cultural activities to offer visitors.

4. Patong Beach -Phucket, Thailand


Thailand has long been a popular destination for beach lovers, and Patong Beach is one of the nation’s most famous beaches. Although Patong Beach was devastated by a tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004, it has mostly recovered from that disaster and is once again a thriving beach.

People who enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming often flock to Paradise Beach, while those seeking a lower key experience often prefer Kalim Beach. Patong Beach is one of the top party beaches in the world, and the area is full of restaurants, clubs and discotheques.

Although the beach is often crowded, you can also find quiet areas where you can relax and watch the gentle waves. This is a beach that attracts many young travelers and backpackers, but it’s equally attractive to couples and families. Because of its diversity, Patong Beach offers accommodations to people in all price ranges.

5. Anguilla


Anguilla is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean. It is a British territory that has a much lower key atmosphere than neighboring spots such as Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and Virgin Islands. While the Caribbean has thousands of beautiful beaches, Anguilla is ideal for people seeking a less touristy environment.

Because it’s a British owned territory, most people on the island speak English. The island has 30 beaches to choose from, as well as plenty of hotels and resorts. Shoal Bay East is one of the island’s most popular beaches, and here you will find plenty of resorts, beach bars and opportunities for swimming or renting boats.

If you prefer a more secluded beach, Limestone Bay is worth a visit. Here you can admire some of the island’s distinctive wildlife, such as iguanas and sea turtles. Captain’s Beach is famous for its coral cliffs and white sands. This beach is considered too dangerous for swimming, but is great for exploring. Anguilla is a beach destination for people seeking an alternative to the Caribbean’s more crowded beaches.

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