VTech Kids Switch and Go Dinos #Review and #Giveaway

As the mom of a little boy the fascination with dinosaurs and anything that transforms has been a normal progression. We don’t push toys on either of our children but let them pick what they are naturally drawn to. For Genghis, he is all boy. He loves cars, dinosaurs, Transformers, Lego’s, and Nerf guns.

Switch and Go Dinos Logo

So when I was approached with the opportunity to review the Switch and Go Dinos from VTech Kids, I knew they would be a huge hit in this house.

Switch and Go Dinos

The ultimate kids toy, Switch & Go Dinos easily transform between a dinosaur and a vehicle in a few simple steps. Switch & Go Dinos come equipped with an LCD screen for customizable animations, providing an imaginative and stimulating 2-in-1 play experience. In dinosaur mode, action buttons play interesting facts about each dinosaur, providing kids with fun and enriching playtime. There are 15 durable, unique and collectable Switch & Go Dinos available ranging in price from $12.99 to $69.99.

While I knew the kids and especially Genghis would have a blast with these, I didn’t realize that even my husband and myself would have fun with them.

The VTech Switch and Go Dino line up includes:

Quiver, Stompsalot, and Torr

  • Blister the Velociraptor who transforms from a helicopter to a Velociraptor!
  • SkySlicer the Allosaurus who transforms from a jet plane into an Allosaurus!
  • MC Roar the Giganotosaurus who transforms from a vehicle to a Giganotosaurus!
  • Sir Stompsalot who transforms from a classic hot rod to an Amargasaurus!
  • Blink and you just might miss him! Quiver transforms from a super speedy race car
    to a Stygimoloch!
  • Torr transforms from a rugged, off-road vehicle into a Therizinosaurus!
  • Akuna the Velociraptor transforms from a super-fast motorcycle to a Velociraptor!

And our personal favorite Jagger the T-Rex. Jagger the T-Rex transforms from a construction crane to a Tyrannosaurus Rex in just a few simple steps. Without using any instructions Genghis was able to figure out how to transform Jagger in just a few seconds.

Jagger the T-Rex

But the neat thing that really sets Jagger apart is the that he comes with voice recognition technology. He is able to recognize and respond to specific voice commands. Say “Roar with me,” and hear him roar with his voice-activated motorized jaw. Tell him to ‘go forward’ and the construction crane takes off.

Our favorite command is ‘fire the drill’. Once you say that, the drill attached goes flying across the room. All in all Jagger has 24 voice commands that he recognizes and responds to.


Jagger has sound effect buttons that emit realistic dinosaur sounds and phrases that teach pre-historically awesome dinosaur facts. Did you know the largest T-Rex tooth found was as big as a ruler? I love that not only are they having fun, they are also learning.

While Miss Stalin is a little young to be able to transform them, and Jagger seems to scare her when he gets to roaring, she has fallen for Quiver and claimed him as her own.


Where can I get my own set?

VTech Kids on Facebook is also hosting a Dino Roar Sweepstakes. Just snap a picture of your little one doing his or her best dinosaur impression and enter the Dino Roar Photo Sweepstakes. One lucky grand prize winner will receive the complete line of Switch & Go Dinos (valued at $348). But hurry, this sweepstakes becomes extinct on September 9th.

VTech Kids Switch and Go Dinos are available online at VTech, on Amazon and in local stores.

You can also follow VTech on Twitter for more info and fun.

Win It!

Now for the best part. VTech Kids is offering one winner from Yellow Tennessee a prize pack that will include three assorted smaller dinos so you can join in on the Switch and Go fun! Use the simple form below to enter.

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The VTech product, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech. All photos, children and honest opinions are my own. On the right day and for the right price, you can have the kids but my honest opinion is not for sale.

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