What is Your Scent?

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There is a science behind why we may find some people attractive but not others. Pheromones play a big part in this. And while you cannot actually smell pheromones, they are given off and picked up by receptors in the nose. Generally speaking we like those who have a genetic makeup that compliments ours the best.

But beyond that we also know that scents are tied to memories. And I have to wonder if maybe choosing a perfume isn’t somehow linked to smells we have a good memory of.

My favorite perfume is Clinique Happy. Nothing super fancy, nothing hard to find, nothing really out of the ordinary. But its smell is bright, cheerful and really does make me happy.


I have loved this scent since it came out and seeing as how I don’t wear it often it lasts forever. But I was getting low and needed some more. Rather than try and brave a mall with 2 small kids I did some looking for discount perfumes online.

I was able to find the scent I love without paying an arm and a leg.

Happy has always reminded me of my favorite flower, sunflowers. I remember back home in St Louis there was this one house that had a large field next to it. They had planted that entire field full of nothing but sunflowers. On any summer day you could drive by that house and just smile.

The scent reminds me of that field.

What perfume do you wear and why do you like it?


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